Tales of Nasreddin Hoca

In English we have been looking at stories from other cultures.
Last week we started loooking at some of the Taless of Nasreddin Hoca(Hodja; Efendi; Mullah; Hodscha; Juha or Dschuha) Hoca appears in many cultures including Turkey, Albania, Uzbekistan, Greece, Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia, India, Pakistan and even China.

He is widely believed to have been a real person, from a small village in Aksehir in central southern Turkey, from around the 13th Century, although some believe his tales have been amalgamated with folk characters from Arabic literrature from Persia as early as the 9th century.

Often he is depicted as an imam – a religious leader, or khaki- who was often the local judge, highly respected by neighbours and called upon to solve disputes and pronounce judgement. The tales are about everyday village life and although he is sometimes the butt of neighbours’ jokes, he often comes out on top with his wwitty responses and quick thinking.

After reading a selection of his stories, the children put on their own version of the tale for the other children to see, with only 20minutes to prepare, I think they did a great job and the other groups all learned a new story. We hope you enjoy them too:

Tales of Nasreddin Hoca from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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Young Voices Concert – Manchester Arena

A wonderful evening listening to all the school children singing some of our favourite songs and medleys with amazing backing acts and musicians to make it a fantastic night out!

Well done teachers for all the hard work you put in and great job to all the children who took part!

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SPROUTS – NOT just for Christmas!

We had a big debate about the value of Brussel Sprouts…There were many things that surprised everyone!

At first, nearly all of the children said they hated sprouts and would not want to eat them.

So we did a bit of research…Did you know:
– Sprouts are known to help fight cancer
– They are full of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, K, C and D
– They help maintain healthy DNA and can help protect unborn children from defects
– They also contain minerals: Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Thiamin, Niacin, Phosphorous, Zinc, Manganese and Pantothenic acid.
– They are a good source of fibre and protein
– good for your skin, hair, internal organs including colon, heart and brain

So after finding out all these facts, we then had a taste tested in our class – we all looked at them raw and then steamed and cooked and everyone had a taste…..

Many of us were pleasantly surprised and the class finally voted 15 – 4 in favour of sprouts and decided they were actually rather tasty as well as having so many benefits. HAVE A LOOK AT A SIMILAR TEST:

After this we created adverts and posters to promote the humble sprout and persuade more people to give these little guys a try….Why don’t you give them a go?

Sprouts….NOT just for Christmas!

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Film Festival 2017

Well…what an exciting week in Class 13!
We are entering a film trailer competition with some of our amazing short story inspired scary films.

A Tale Unfolds – part of LitFilmFest

Over the past week we have been creating ideas for short stories in four groups and adding different sections to the ideas and have been filming clips in a variety of locations across the school.

If we win, we might have a professional team coming in to our school to film the movie with their state-of-the-art equipment including green screen technology to make it look like a real film – it would be published on YouTube under the LitFilmFest, with a huge potential audience and some will even be shown on the local cinema big screens!

Have a look at our entries and see if you think we have any potential winners… leave your vote for your favourite in a comment and help us decide!

Will it be:


Haunted! from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.


Toilets of Terror from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.


Logan’s Revenge from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.


Sweeet, Sweet Revenge from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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Have a go….Save a life!

We were visited by the Greater Manchester Fire Service, who came to teach our classes how they could learn to save a life using simple CPR procedures.

Unfortunately, they were called away shortly after they arrived, but they left the practice dummys for us to have a go, and, having attended first aid courses, the teachers were able to continue with the lesson.

Miss Coxe even brought out Defibrillator to show the children, from the office, and we were able to hear some of the instructions that would be given, if it needed to be used..

On their return, the fire officers were quite literally astounded at the work we had done in their absence and said we were “Hands down, the BEST school” they had ever visited and were extremely impressed with the level of confidence shown by all the children.

Have a go…Save a life! from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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Chemistry with Cabbages October 2017

How? You wonder…. watch the amazing properties of red cabbage juice as well as how to use acids and alkalis to treat heartburn, bee and wasp stings, make slime and put out candles as if by magic…

Chemistry with Cabbages from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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First ice-skating lesson

A great first lesson at Altrincham Ice Rink with a few ‘ups and downs’ but only to be expected for the first time.

Good job there were a selection of friendly penguins and polar bears to help out! I’m sure, with the help of our gold medalist coaches, we will all soon be skating around with more confidence.


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I’m a Year 6 student, get me out of here!

Over the past half term we have been looking at map skills, including using a compass, understanding symbols, using an OS Map, planning a route and trying not to get lost!

This culminated ina trip to Macclesfield Forest in the Peak District National Park and having a go at mapping and route finding…despite the terrible weather, we all made it back safe and sound!


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Frances Lennon Art

On Wednesday, the granddaughter of local artist, Frances Lennon, came to work with class 13.

Frances Lennon’s Granddaughter, Anne-Marie Royal, shared works of art with the class. Many of the pictures, portrayed childhood memories of the artist life in Gorse Hill.

Class 13 spent the afternoon drawing and painting in the style of Frances Lennon. Their artwork will be displayed at the SIP bar in Stretford on the 7th, 8th and 9th of April as part of an exhibition to celebrate local artists.

Please try to visit this exhibition and celebrate our fantastic community.


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Fitness Friday

Each half-term, at Gorse Hill Primary School, we are lucky to celebrate Fitness Friday. Every year group gets the chance to take part in a fitness activity and there is a fun family session held after school.

Year 6 enjoyed a very energetic HIIT (High, Intensity, Interval, Training) workout. It was a great way to start the day. Here are some photos from the session.

In science we have been looking at the benefits of a healthy lifestyle on our bodies. What fitness activities do you enjoy doing the most and why?

1 3 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 15

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