A message about SATs week

Remember children, you are not measured by test results!

Each and every one of you has started on a journey towards an incredible future. You have all grown and developed different skills, overcome difficulties and learned to persevere.

THESE are the skills and knowledge you will take with you, to achieve all you want to be! So, be proud of where you have come, so far, on your journey to your future and let nothing hold you back!

Success is not measured by tests.
It is measured by hard work, discipline and the will to do better.
You have all proved that, time after time.
Be proud of your successes…
and Keep it up!

“Do a little more than you’re paid to.
Give a little more than you have to.
Try a little harder than you want to.
Aim a little higher than you think possible,
and give a lot of thanks,
to God, for health, family, and friends.”
– Art Linkletter

Relish in the challenge to improve, just a little, EVERY day!

Mrs Tahanci

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Steve Skidmore, famous author of over 200 published books, visits Gorse Hill Primary

We were delighted to welcome Steve Skidmore to our school as part of our celebration of books.

He was very funny with many different books to talk about to children across the school.

One lucky child from each class, from a year 1 to Year 6, were chosen to have a buffet lunch with Steve and were able ask questions and chat with a lovey gentleman who told us many stories about his life and inspiration with his friend and co-author Steve Barlow.

We were all thoroughly impressed with his repertoire of books and entertaining assemblies and many children(and teachers) had the opportunity to star in one of his books for a few minutes.

At the end of an amazing day, Steve stayed behind to sign some of his books and we now have a selection available to borrow in school.

We hope to have him back again next year with his friend, and poet Paul Cookson and participate in some writing workshops across the school.

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The Silk Road Board Games

As part of our work on The Golden Age of Islam we have created our own board games to help people understand the importance and dangers of the trade route that brought important items such as: Silk, spices, glassware, medicines, religions, books, ceramics, coffee etc.. to Europe.

However, the route was long and full of dangers and, as a result, the silks were quite literally worth their weight in gold.

Our board games help to entertain and educate you as you try to reach your destination in one piece and with goods to sell to make your treacherous journey worthwhile.

Come to our class to play a game!

The Silk Road Board Games from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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The Silk Road Board Games

We have been investigating the Silk Road trade route, that was started over 1,500 years ago, as part of our work in History.

This trade route went from China to Africa; Rome to Baghdad; Baghdad to Samarkand; Samarkand to India and was the only way for goods to be transported along some of the most dangerous and inhospitable passes and routes.

To help other people understand the hardships of the journey and the goods that were picked up and traded along the way, we decided to create some board games that takes the players through some of the difficulties and dangers in order to safely reach their final destinations.

These games have been trialled and tested and, you never know, some might make there way in to a toy shop some time in the future.

However, for now, they are kept safely in our classroom, should you want to learn something and take a trip along the infamous Silk Road of ancient times.

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World Book Day – Aladdin

What a wonderfully inventive range of characters came into our class on Thursday 1st March!

Everyone from the White Rabbit from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland to Katness Everdeen from The Hunger Games!

Mrs Tahanci had been replaced by the Genie of the Lamp, but it seemed she was fed up of their current residence and asked the children to help market it for sale, However, the children were shocked to see what it was really like inside such a small lamp as it was like Dr Who’s tardis – bigger on the inside!

We have been writing up our descriptions and hope there will be a lot of interest generated from new home-buyers to get a chance to purchase such a unique and compact property!

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Animation and Film-making

During Goldren Time there have been opportunities for my group to create their own short films. This week we have been looking at Stop Motion techniques and the children have created some brilliant short films using only foam letters and paper – take a look at these fantastic first films for our budding film makers aged -from 6 – 11 years of age!

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World Book Month!

This week, Thursday 1st March, marks the beginning of a, month long, celebration of books at our school.

Officially, World Book Day on Thursday, all children are invited to come in dressed as their favourite character from a well-loved book.

In Class 13, I would like the children to write a Character Profile and bring that in to share with the class.

Please include the following details:

Character’s Name:

Book they are from:
Author of book:

Where/When do they come from/live?

What do they look like? – description and/or labelled picture

What are they like? – Personality, anything strange/different

What are their strengths?

What are their weaknesses?

Why are they important in the story?

Finally, can any parents / guardians / older siblings / relatives, please put a comment below to tell us:

What book do you remember from your childhood?

Why do you still remember it?

Would you recommend it for our class? Why/Why not?

My favourite book was The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe by C S Lewis

It felt as though you could travel to a completely different world, simply by finding the right portal, that could be hidden in the most mundane places – I remember searching through all the wardrobes at my Grandma’s house many times, just in case. Also, the fact that, when you returned, no time had passed at all, made it seem even more possible!

I would definitely recommend to any of my class, as I did to my own children, and I have most of the 7 books in the class library to share any time.

Looking forward to reading all your comments!

Mrs Tahanci

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Tales of Nasreddin Hoca

In English we have been looking at stories from other cultures.
Last week we started loooking at some of the Taless of Nasreddin Hoca(Hodja; Efendi; Mullah; Hodscha; Juha or Dschuha) Hoca appears in many cultures including Turkey, Albania, Uzbekistan, Greece, Iran, Turkmenistan, Russia, India, Pakistan and even China.

He is widely believed to have been a real person, from a small village in Aksehir in central southern Turkey, from around the 13th Century, although some believe his tales have been amalgamated with folk characters from Arabic literrature from Persia as early as the 9th century.

Often he is depicted as an imam – a religious leader, or khaki- who was often the local judge, highly respected by neighbours and called upon to solve disputes and pronounce judgement. The tales are about everyday village life and although he is sometimes the butt of neighbours’ jokes, he often comes out on top with his wwitty responses and quick thinking.

After reading a selection of his stories, the children put on their own version of the tale for the other children to see, with only 20minutes to prepare, I think they did a great job and the other groups all learned a new story. We hope you enjoy them too:

Tales of Nasreddin Hoca from Nicola Nelson on Vimeo.

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Young Voices Concert – Manchester Arena

A wonderful evening listening to all the school children singing some of our favourite songs and medleys with amazing backing acts and musicians to make it a fantastic night out!

Well done teachers for all the hard work you put in and great job to all the children who took part!

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SPROUTS – NOT just for Christmas!

We had a big debate about the value of Brussel Sprouts…There were many things that surprised everyone!

At first, nearly all of the children said they hated sprouts and would not want to eat them.

So we did a bit of research…Did you know:
– Sprouts are known to help fight cancer
– They are full of vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, K, C and D
– They help maintain healthy DNA and can help protect unborn children from defects
– They also contain minerals: Potassium, Iron, Magnesium, Copper, Thiamin, Niacin, Phosphorous, Zinc, Manganese and Pantothenic acid.
– They are a good source of fibre and protein
– good for your skin, hair, internal organs including colon, heart and brain

So after finding out all these facts, we then had a taste tested in our class – we all looked at them raw and then steamed and cooked and everyone had a taste…..

Many of us were pleasantly surprised and the class finally voted 15 – 4 in favour of sprouts and decided they were actually rather tasty as well as having so many benefits. HAVE A LOOK AT A SIMILAR TEST:

After this we created adverts and posters to promote the humble sprout and persuade more people to give these little guys a try….Why don’t you give them a go?

Sprouts….NOT just for Christmas!

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